• EAU Update on Renal Cell Cancer

Welcome to RCC19 Prague

An expert-led educational meeting uniquely focused on renal cell cancer (RCC), the EAU Update on Renal Cell Cancer (RCC19) is the third meeting in the new EAU onco-urology series, following PCA and BCA.

Unique, Expert-led RCC Update

For many years, kidney cancer was a strictly surgical disease. There were no drugs available and chemotherapy was ineffective. In the past few years, there have been numerous developments in immuno-oncologic agents that are proving effective for the treatment of renal cell cancer.

Built on previous experience with educational organ-specific cancer meetings PCa and BCa, RCC19 is the first EAU meeting completely devoted to Renal Cell Cancer. The EAU feels it is important for urologists to familiarise themselves with the latest generation of immuno-oncologic agents to be able to make informed decisions in a multidisciplinary setting. Urologists might not be actively involved with the delivery of the drugs, but they can learn to identify suitable patients and they should also be aware of the drugs’ impact on their patients’ quality of life.

The goal of this meeting is to offer the practicing urologist a comprehensive overview of the latest developments in renal cell cancer. The meeting features state-of-the-art lectures, smaller sessions based around case discussions and a high level of interactivity with voting. The meeting also uses pre- and post-meeting testing to gauge participants’ progress. Joining RCC19’s scientific programme are esteemed medical oncologists offering insights from an oncological point of view, and turning RCC19 into a truly multidisciplinary meeting.

RCC19 will be held in Prague, in the heart of Central Europe and a regular host city of the EAU’s events. Join us in the Czech capital this coming spring and update yourself on the latest treatment options for your patients.

Hein Van Poppel
RCC19 Steering Committee
Manfred Wirth
RCC19 Steering Committee


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Three Reasons to Attend RCC19

Faculty-led interactive sessions


Expert faculty will present and examine real-life case discussions and scenarios that look into the various facets of clinical management.



The scientific programme of RCC19 was designed to educate urologists on the latest immuno-oncological treatment options for renal cancer patients. Urologists should be familiar with the emerging medical treatments and their impact on their patients.



RCC19 measures your level of knowledge on renal cancer before and after the meeting with an online test. During the meeting, you will regularly be asked to vote on treatment options and case discussions.